Why Kiya Developments?

2015 Excellence in Custom Built Home (2,501 – 3,500 sq.ft)
2014 Excellence in Custom Kitchen Design
2014 Excellence in Custom Built Home (2,501 – 3,500 sq.ft)
2014 Excellencein Custom Build Home (4,401 sq.ft and over)
2014 Excellencein Custom Bathroom Design
2012 Excellence in Home Renovations/Addition ($100,000 and up)
2012 Excellence in Single Family Dwelling 3,401 sq.ft to 4,400 sq.ft “The Holt”
2011 Excellence in Print Ad/Direct Mail Piece
2011 Excellence in Single Family Dwelling 4,400 sq.ft and over
2011 Excellencein Sales Brochure Design
Kiya is unique from its competitors. At the client's request, every custom home is designed for an individual client and will not be reproduced. This provides the client with an extreme sense of satisfaction which cannot be purchased through any other builder. It is a service we provide in order to stand apart from the competition. Kiya provides a complete customized home, hassle free to the client. Workmanship is unparalleled to any builder in the area, and service is incomparably the best in the custom home sector. We strive to make the custom crafting of a home pleasurable, rewarding and fun! Buying a custom crafted luxury home is genuinely a remarkable experience.

We recognize the importance of this lifetime purchase and ensure that our quality craftsmanship and your personal touch is reflected in the final product, which you can truly call 'your home'. You can choose the level of personal involvement you and your family desire, right from the ground up. From selecting the location to every interior detail or simply improving a current home already in construction. You are in control! Once inside a Kiya home, you know you have found what you have been waiting to call your home. The ambiance of a quality constructed home that has been customized to every personal detail. The finest finishing touches make every room a place to cherish your family's precious moments.