2015 Excellence in Custom Built Home (2,501 – 3,500 sq.ft)
2014 Excellence in Custom Kitchen Design
2014 Excellence in Custom Built Home (2,501 – 3,500 sq.ft)
2014 Excellencein Custom Build Home (4,401 sq.ft and over)
2014 Excellencein Custom Bathroom Design
2012 Excellence in Home Renovations/Addition ($100,000 and up)
2012 Excellence in Single Family Dwelling 3,401 sq.ft to 4,400 sq.ft “The Holt”
2011 Excellence in Print Ad/Direct Mail Piece
2011 Excellence in Single Family Dwelling 4,400 sq.ft and over
2011 Excellencein Sales Brochure Design
Kiya is a custom builder, specializing in providing the client with a true custom experience. Kiya involves the client in every phase of the construction so they truly understand the home they are creating. Kiya also builds custom spec homes to be appreciated by a future client. These homes are carefully planned to fit in the local surroundings and appeal to current market conditions. Materials and fixtures used in the homes are all specialty products which have very high brand identification and are guaranteed for any defects.

Kiya is distinct from the other builders in relation to design and service. Its innovative designs capture all the day to day practicalities, yet boast architectural brilliance un-parallel in the industry. Each layout is carefully thought out and planned to perfection. The smallest things within the home, such as an electrical outlet is carefully planned to benefit the end user. The standard features in a Kiya home are guaranteed to be of much higher standard than any other custom builder. It also has the capability of constructing a fully energy efficient green home at the client's request. Kiya also has the ability to create a technology advanced home with the most recent innovations that are available in the market.